10 Klaviyo Email Tricks You NEED to Know

Businesses can interact with customers and increase revenue using email marketing. As business owner, you can:

  • Generate customized emails
  • Schedule messages
  • Track the effectiveness of your campaigns with Klaviyo.

Sending the appropriate message to the correct person is made simpler by these qualities. Business owners can improve

  • Consumer engagement
  • Boost revenue
  • Fortify the bond

Between your business and its target market by utilizing Klaviyo.

10 Klaviyo Email Tricks One Needs To Know:

1. Check Your Benchmarks

It's critical to know how your email marketing is doing in relation to industry norms. You may compare your

  • Open
  • Click
  • Bounce rates with others by using Klaviyo's Benchmarks function.

Go to the Benchmarks area under 'Analytics' in the Klaviyo sidebar to find your benchmarks. Based on other people's performance this section offers performance metrics labeled as

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair, or Poor.

This is where the role of Klaviyo email service comes handy. 

2. Examine Your Main Flows

Automated email sequences—yield more profits than campaign emails, they are essential. All users of Klaviyo should have their key flows configured for greatest impact. Make use of the sidebar to navigate to the flows section.

  • Welcome flows
  • Abandoned cart flows
  • Browsing abandonment flows
  • and post-purchase flows are examples of essential flows. 

Verify and improve these flows on a regular basis to make sure they are operating. 

3. Personalize Your Emails

Using Klaviyo to create personalized emails is a great approach. to differentiate your company. Personalizing emails or product recommendations shows care for customer experience. Customers will feel valued and appreciated when you go above and above. which will keep them loyal to your company. 

4. Establish Your Flow for Abandoned Carts

A strong abandoned cart flow is necessary. because the average cart abandonment rate is over 69%. A sequence of emails should get sent by this flow alerting clients. about the products they left behind and urging them to finish their buy.

Add urgency ("your cart is expiring soon") and scarcity ("only a few left!"). and highlight the products' advantages. This sequence usually consists of a:

  • First reminder.
  • A follow-up reminder with an offer.
  • And a last-minute "last chance" reminder.

5. Establish Your Online Abandonment Process

The browse abandonment flow targets customers who saw products. but did not add them to their basket, much like the abandoned cart flow does. Through the use of:

  • Related products.
  • A special offer.
  • Or the items they viewed.

This flow can entice consumers back to your website. The layout is akin to an abandoned cart flow. with emails that prompt customers to express interest in particular items again.

6. Examine Various Iterations

It's a wise idea to test many email variations to determine which ones your audience responds to the best. To identify captivating combinations, experiment with alternative subject lines, text, and graphics. You might, for instance, construct two different subject lines for the same email. Then compare the number of opens for each version, experiment with various text and image formats to observe which ones draw the most clicks. You can use the components that are working the best in later emails by comparing the outcomes. Moreover, optimize your emails for better outcomes and greatest engagement.

7. Verify Your Score for Deliverability

Whether your emails get in spam filters or in inboxes depends on your email score. Review your email campaign and flow metrics on a regular basis. paying particular attention to open, bounce, and spam complaint rates. This will help you determine your deliverability score. If you find any problems, think about making your content more relevant.

8. Make Use of Automation

With Klaviyo's automation features, you may communicate with clients . without having to write emails by hand to each one of them. Automated campaigns push clients down the funnel. Increase revenue by delivering the appropriate content at the appropriate moment.

Use Klaviyo's metrics features to check the effectiveness of your campaigns. By keeping a regular eye on:

This way you can refine your marketing tactics and strategy.

9. Create A Sunset Flow

A Sunset Flow aims to reach subscribers who haven't interacted with your emails. Major for a predetermined amount of time. This process begins with an effort to re-engage the customer. By making unique offers or requesting an explanation for their disengagement. Consider deleting subscribers from your primary email list. if they aren't engaging if you want to maintain your deliverability score. 

10. Optimize Your Email Design and Content

To ensure that your email templates are pleasing and work well on all devices, review and update them. Make sure the messaging of your brand reflected in your email templates. Conduct A/B testing on various design components - (such as email layouts and call-to-action button colors). To see which ones your audience responds to the best.

Increasing engagement rates requires customisation and relevant content. Examine previous campaigns and flows. To determine the most effective subjects, deals, and kinds of content.


Make use of this information to guide your

  • Future content strategy
  • Emphasizing email personalization based on past purchases
  • Surfing patterns
  • Interaction levels.

You may increase the efficacy of your

  • Ads
  • Encourage greater interaction
  • Improve brand outcomes

By implementing these ten principles along with other helpful hints. You can get your hands on Klaviyo email service and make full use of Klaviyo email marketing plan.