Old Website

New Website

Our work with Sandy Sold was a full website redesign. With the combined efforts of our graphic design and web design team, Pro Marketer was able to revitalize her website to meet more modern standards of web design.


With Pro Marketer, we were able to modernize Sandy’s website by making it mobile friendly and creating a new logo for herself. The new logo allowed her to rebrand herself and introduce new messages and goals for her business.

As for her website, we established the 80/20 principle (the rule in which one section of the website will convey the most to a user) and brought her affiliates up to the main page. By doing this, her clients see all the benefits they will get from working with her the instant they visit her website.

We improved the user experience of Sandy’s website by introducing an easy search bar, allowing or users to find specific information on the website easily. The home page was also updated to show a variety of listings such as featured and luxury listings, as well as icons to help users find homes being offered by Sandy in certain neighborhoods. The home page was also updated to include testimonials, showing the previous experiences customers had with Sandy to help promote herself. Finally, we created an easy way for users to contact Sandy, by creating an email signature system and connecting the website to a variety of social media accounts.