• Using LinkedIn to make your professional presence on the web more dynamic
  • Maximizing the platform to improve your business development
  • Enriching your networks and social capital on social media
  • Diminish the waste of time caused by a bad usage of the LinkedIn platform
  • Developing a professional profile to make your and your product and/or services known.
  • Improve business exposure in LinkedIn to increase revenue potential for the business


This training course lasts half a day (3.5 hours).

Relational marketing paired with web 2.0 development (social networks and media) has revolutionized networking. In addition, the omnipresence of new communication tools has changed the way we communicate and the way we create relationships, offering us limitless commercial perspectives. LinkedIn has become the indispensable tool for anyone working with the public, wishing to develop their contacts or to be on the lookout for various opportunities within their environment. This training course allows participants to learn the efficient usage practices of LinkedIn in order to optimize the tool and to get the most out of it.


 Time : FEB 11 2019 08:30 AM to Noon
 Place : 10 Thornmount Dr, Scarborough, ON M1B 3J43

Prior knowledge required

  • No preliminary knowledge required
  • Having created a basic LinkedIn profile before the training program
  • Having access to a LinkedIn account
  • Having a professional photo
  • Having a biographical text of minimum 50 words

Course outline

  • Knowing the advantages of using LinkedIn
  • Filling out your LinkedIn profile 100%
  • Joining the page of your company or creating it
  • Your LinkedIn network
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn presence
  • Making basic and advanced research on LinkedIn (find and be found)
  • Managing the confidentiality of your information
  • Finding clients through LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn mobile
  • Additional resources and tools


A complete, illustrated didactic manual will be provide for each participant.

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