Scarcity is a concept of advertising that the quantity of a product available is limited. For example using words like “limited” or “while supplies last” incentivize a potential customer into purchasing something out of impulse as the idea is if they do not, the item will be lost to them forever. If you are advertising through Linkedin, try to point out the limited availability of your service or product.


Nothing is more appreciated than the kindness of strangers. Reciprocity is to give selflessly or generously without expecting something back in return. For many people, seeing reciprocity is enough to make them want to work with or do business with you due to the moral character you portray. If you want to improve your reciprocity via LinkedIn, try to promote links that give you no personal gain that might be valuable to your followers or try to introduce people to one and other to help them develop connections and create business opportunities for them.


People will typically not be willing to jump into something that they find unknown, therefore it is essential that there is a way for them to understand what they are looking at. Consistency is important because it acts as the proof of concept for what you are offering. By having a consistent output of content, you are able to give people a better idea of what you offer. With LinkedIn creating content and engaging with other LinkedIn users frequently is a good way to improve consistency.


While constantly creating content can be good, if that content is not quality then you are not showing anything of worth. Authority is about creating a premiere image of your company. Many companies make a mistake of making most of their posts about them or their business. To create authority, one must find or create quality content that is designed to help their audience more than themselves. Because only a small amount of people who engage in your content will actually become clients of yours, so creating content that incentivizes people to work with you must advertise their best interests.

Social Proof

Social Proof is based on the psychological concept that our judgment and opinions are based a great deal on the consensus of a majority group or an established figurehead. When trying to generate a social proof, obtaining recommendations is a must. Recommendations can come from many kinds of people. Customers, established business people, former employers, etc. Obtaining recommendations might come from either someone genuinely enjoying the service or content you create, or you can ask for a recommendation via personalized requests or appeals.


A personality can carry your business quite far. When customers like you as an individual, they will be more inclined to do business with you. Being more relatable on LinkedIn can go leaps and bounds in improving how many people like you. Try to have conversations with people and be friendly and approachable. Your social character can carry you a long way, even in the most saturated markets.