Are you ready to get started on your journey to scale your business and turn LinkedIn into your own personal lead generation pipeline?

This is a 90-day coaching and implementation program to support you in Attracting your ideal clients getting clear on who they are and where to find them, Connecting with them by building a Linkedin messaging funnel,  then you will be able to Amplify your business by focusing on Scaling and Leveraging your business to ensure consistency of your success.

If you want results – IMPLEMENT AS FAST AS YOU LEARN. It’s better to take imperfect action than to be frozen by “too much input and not enough output.”

How To Best Benefit From This Training.

This training is designed as “modular learning” Each module has many small lessons. Most focused on just one core idea. And the lessons and modules “compound” – meaning they build on ideas from prior lessons and modules.

That’s why the first time through the course we force linear learning at first – so you don’t miss any important concepts. Once you’re done – you can come back and revisit the lessons in any order you like.

Time : FEB 11 2019 08:30 AM to Noon
Place : 10 Thornmount Dr, Scarborough, ON M1B 3J43

Prior knowledge required

  • No preliminary knowledge required
  • Having created a basic LinkedIn profile before the training program
  • Having access to a LinkedIn account
  • Having a professional photo
  • Having a biographical text of minimum 50 words

Course outline

  • Knowing the advantages of using LinkedIn
  • Filling out your LinkedIn profile 100%
  • Joining the page of your company or creating it
  • Your LinkedIn network
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn presence
  • Making basic and advanced research on LinkedIn (find and be found)
  • Managing the confidentiality of your information
  • Finding clients through LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn mobile
  • Additional resources and tools


A complete, illustrated didactic manual will be provide for each participant.

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