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Why does turbotax need agi

Your taxes require a different kind of attention than they did when you were a company employee. Nov 06, 2018 · On December 22, 2017 the biggest piece of tax legislation in about three decades was passed. Filing your taxes electronically is convenient and stress-free — but cyber-attacks have targeted the security of the Electronic Filing PIN, a unique signature used to file your taxes online. 8% (5,000 non-deductible basis divided by "This is my third year in a row using you guys. Here's what happened, and what it means for e-filing your taxes this year. g. efile. Your Prior-Year AGI is the Adjusted Gross Income (or AGI) on last year's tax return (2018). if one had $100,000 in a rollover already (deductible), and did a $5k contribution (non-deductible) and immediately rolled it over to a ROTH, the tax free ratio is about 4. An incorrect AGI will result in a tax return rejection by the IRS and/or State Tax Agency. e. One of the biggest changes to the new law nearly doubles the standard deduction and eliminates or limits a number of common itemized deductions many people took in past years. But because it was not automatically updated for inflation, more middle-class taxpayers were getting hit with the AMT each year. That's how they got Al Capone!. This seems great, but doesn’t point out that if there’s existing IRA’s (from rollovers, other deductible or non-deductible) some or all of conversion would be taxable. You make it easy to do my taxes!" Jeffrey in Georgia "I’ve used online filing with other sites and always get frustrated because it takes so long. The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) was designed to keep wealthy taxpayers from using loopholes to avoid paying taxes. You only need a prior-year AGI if you are e-filing your tax return to the IRS. The IRS uses your prior-year AGI to verify your identity so you can e-File your 2019 Tax Return. The tax man knows this and while the sales are illegal, they still need to be taxed. Congress traditionally passed an annual "patch" to address this until, in January 2013, they passed a permanent patch to the AMT. This attack caused the IRS to change its e-filing identification system for the 2018 tax year. This means you may need to send quarterly estimated taxes four times a year (in April, June, September, and January). com …May 07, 2019 · Strange & Weird Tax Laws; Illegal Drug Tax Stamps – Marijuana may be enjoying its day in the sun but there are still many illegal drugs changing hands in the back streets of America. Apr 10, 2019 · If you're self-employed, estimated taxes are a part of your business life

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