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Jan 22, 2010 · The capture of Macho B, the last known wild jaguar in the United States, was intentional, according to a new investigative report by the Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General. The Arizona Posts about Arizona jaguar written by Janay Brun. S. I wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this blog and become interested in jaguar and/or wildlife conservation. . Ailing collared jaguar put down (Arizona Biologists learning from rare jaguar capture in Arizona It's a cat they call "Macho B," and Arizona Game and Fish officials have periodically captured his …Phoenix vets euthanize recently captured wild jaguar Courtesy<p> Arizona Game and Fish biologists Monday afternoon recaptured “Macho B” and …Mar 04, 2009 · A memorial service for the jaguar Macho B, and a plea for better protection for his fellow jaguars, will be held from noon to 1:00 p. Archive for the tag “Arizona jaguar” 14 Jan 2016 Thank you. . The report says Arizona Game and Fish Department employees meant to capture the jaguar Macho B on Feb. Jan 09, 2017 · A Review of Janay Brun’s Cloak and Jaguar: Following a Cat From Desert to Courtroom If you’ve never heard of the now deceased Macho B, you’re not alone. " (AP Photo/Arizona …From The Arizona Daily Star: A hunter photographed an adult male jaguar in Southeast Arizona after his dogs treed it, Arizona Game and Fish Department officials said Monday. Bonita Ave. Another jaguar, Macho B, to be protected so that the jaguar population can re-enter Arizona …Macho B Home Macho B Jaguar Press Releases AGFD Internal Investigation Transcripts AGFD Response to Office of Inspector General Report All Department Photos of Capture/Recapture of Macho B Frequently Asked Questions Video of March 2009 News Conference Jaguar Conservation Team Timeline of Macho B Events Arizona Republic Newspaper Editorial on In deeply sad news, the first wild jaguar to be captured and fitted with a radio-collar in the United States — and the only jaguar known to be living here — was euthanized in Phoenix, AZ Monday night. Emil McCain, a southern Arizona biologist pleaded guilty on Friday, May 14, 2010 to a misdemeanor federal charge for his role in the 2009 trapping and subsequent death of the rare jaguar known as "Macho B. 18 last year, citing evidence gathered as part of an May 14, 2010 · FILE - This February 2009 photo provided by the Arizona Game and Fish Department shows a collared jaguar nicknamed Macho B. The sighting Saturday in Cochise County was the first confirmed report of a wild jaguar in the United States since the death of Macho B in Arizona in March 2009. Fish and Wildlife Service, 201 N. on Thursday, March 5, outside the offices of the U. Whistling for the Jaguar The un-redacted story of the jaguar, Macho B's snaring and death. | …Trump’s Wall Threatens Last Jaguars in the U. Most people outside of Arizona (and Mar 11, 2009 · The last American jaguar doesn’t have to be the last Macho B was an old jaguar and it’s possible his kidney was failing before he was captured. m. A few weeks back, I updated you on the story of Macho B, the male jaguar that was captured in southeastern Arizona and subsequently euthanized due to apparent chronic kidney failure. , Suite 141, in Tucson. The jaguar, “Macho B” was accidentally captured in an Arizona Game and Fish Department trap on February 18th and was recaptured and Mar 05, 2009 · With all the negative news about budget cuts and closing of state parks, its good to know that our lottery dollars support cool programs like this one. said in a report to Arizona Central. I think Jaguars are the coolest cats out there, and while amazingly beautiful, I m pretty sure I d

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